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Lypossage is having a sale on some of our G5® Lypossage® Massage Machines and equipment.  Take a look at our website to see these one-time values! Make sure to place your order before our annual summer shutdown.

Sale ends June 19, 2010.


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Lypossage Annual Summer Shutdown

Make sure you order your products before our annual summer shutdown.  Lypossage will be closed JUNE 21 THROUGH JULY 5, 2010. Put your orders in today to insure that there are no interruptions in your product deliveries.  You can also order online at

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For Those New to Lypossage

Are you interested in Lypossage?  In becoming a practitioner?  Or in making an appointment?  Our website offers lots of information on upcoming trainings, and where to find a Lypossage practitioner near you.  Additionally, there is a history of Lypossage, research studies done by Charles W. Wiltsie III (founder of Lypossage), as well as before and after photos.

Visit THE OFFICIAL SITE HERE to discover more about Lypossage, and contact us with any questions you may have!

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Product I’m Loving

Product I’m Loving: C Factor Créme
By: Leni C. Wiltsie

Ahh, summer.  Beach days, long walks, baseball, hiking, and all those other lovely outdoor activities that arrive with the advent of warm weather.  But with all those outdoor activities, it is important to remember to take care of your skin.  Personally, I am fair-skinned and burn easily, and while regular application of sunblock is vitally important, it is equally integral to add a toning and moisturizing routine to keep my skin hydrated and fresh looking.

I have been using the Lypossage cleansing and toning system for quite some time and positively love my C-Factor Créme.  It is lightweight and contains Vitamin C, chamomile, and lavender…all of which assist in preventing free radical and environmental damage to the skin.

In addition to protecting my skin, it also leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and smelling delicious!

This particular creme partners well with many other Lypossage skin care products.  To order your own, please visit the Lypossage Online Store.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Lypossage would like to wish all the troops safety on this Memorial Day Weekend, and thank all current and past soldiers for their services.  We extend those wishes to our daughter Melanie, a Military Police Woman, Combat Tracker and Dog Handler stationed in Iraq. We are proud of her and can’t wait until she is home.

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Updates from the Co-Managing Partner’s Family!

In addition to managing Lypossage and providing trainings around the country, the Co-Managing Partners of Lypossage (Charles & Katie Wiltsie) also have a large family with their own list of accomplishments and milestones!

We will continue to update you with our own family’s accomplishments and events.  But do any of the Lypotherapists out there have accomplishments they would like to share with us?  If so, comment below or email us your information to; you could see yourself featured on the LypoBlog!

Daughter, Hannah (center), celebrates her 14th birthday with sister Samantha, and Co-Managing Partner of Lypossage, Katie Wiltsie (a.k.a. Mom).

To see more pictures of our family & their recent accomplishments, follow after the jump…


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G5® Lypossage® Massage Machine

Hello everyone!  The Lypossage team is currently working on a video slideshow starring our G5® Lypossage® Massage Machine series.  The video will feature images, promotional materials, and footage of the machines in action!

The series of machines have been picking up major steam with appearances in spa shows and the Queen Latifah movie, Just Wright. Have you had a chance to utilize this great machine series?  Let us know of your experiences!

Co-Managing Partner, Katie Wiltsie, poses with a member of the massage machine series

If you have any questions, or are interested in getting one of the machines for your business, visit our ONLINE STORE or the OFFICIAL LYPOSSAGE WEBSITE.

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